Challenge Family has partnered with MarkAllenOnline to be provide athletes with custom training plans and coaching for Challenge Penticton

As a current or aspiring Challenge Phuket athlete you may ask yourself “how can I get the best out of my training time and maximize my potential?” Over the last decade MarkAllenOnline coaching and training plans have answered those two critical questions for many athletes.

The purchase of the Challenge Phuket package will allow you to not only receive what we feel is the best possible training available anywhere, but also the highest quality support from the MarkAllenOnline coaches including Mark Allen himself. The coaches are dedicated to making your experience with triathlon coaching the best you can possibly receive.

The challenge Penticton package includes the training plan that takes you through three phases of training (base, speed, and taper) and provides you with daily workouts including tips to help you gain the most benefit from each of these sessions. The program incorporates heart rate zones so that you will maximize your fitness gains, and also includes a four phase strength training program, tips on nutrition, mental focus guidelines, equipment checklists and more. The package also includes access to periodic webinars conducted by Mark Allen. The fee for this package is US$525.00 and can be purchased at

Each program is designed specifically around your individual needs, level of fitness and training preferences. Our custom training schedules along with the support you receive from us will ensure that you have your best performance at your main goal race. Feel free to contact MarkAllenOnline with any questions about the Challenge Penticton Package. Click here to do so.