Team Relay

Team Relay Entry

Date: Sunday, 29 November 2015

Race Start Time: 06:30 AM

Distance: 1.9K swim – 90.1K bike – 21K run

Is your team up to the challenge?

The Challenge Laguna Phuket athletes to enter teams to race in the triathlon relay comprising of a 1.9km swim, 90.1km cycle and 21km run.

Teams will comprise of three athletes – a swimmer, cyclist and runner, all above the age of 18. Participants must be healthy, fit and trained for the disciplines and distances required. Team members can be either the same gender or any combination of male/female.

Corporate Challenge Team Relay Rules

1. All rules applying to individual competitors apply to relay competitors except where such rules conflict with specific relay rules.

2. Any relay team interfering with an individual competitor or in any way placing an individual competitor at a competitive disadvantage will be disqualified. Any relay cyclist riding in a stationary position within 20 meters of an individual athlete entered in the Pro Division will be immediately disqualified and his team will not be allowed to continue in the race.

3. .At registration on 28 November,  each relay team will be provided with one timing chip which must be handled as follows: The timing chip must be worn by the swimmer who must pass it to the cyclist inside the designated area in the Transition Area. The cyclist must wear the timing chip and pass it to the runner inside the designated area in the Transition Area. The runner must wear the timing chip until he\she crosses the finish line.

4. Any team failing to hand off the timing chip inside the designated areas, or failing to cross the finish line with their timing chip will not be included in the official results.

5. All three team members must be body numbered in the Transition Area no later than 6:15am.


6. Relay swimmers will start in the second wave.

7. All relay swimmers must wear the official race swim cap throughout the swim segment of the race. The swim cap must not be removed from the swimmer’s head until after the timing chip is passed to the team cyclist.


8. All relay bikes must be placed in the designated bike racks in the Transition Area on 28 November 2015 between 10:00am and 5:00pm. Team bikes may not be removed from the designated bike rack until after the team cyclist has been tagged by the team swimmer. Any team not having its bike in the designated rack or removing it prior to being tagged may be immediately disqualified and not allowed to continue in the race.

9. After receiving the timing chip relay cyclists must walk their bikes through the timing check point at the end of the Transition Area. The team of any cyclist mounting his\her bike before passing through the timing check point will be time penalized.

10. After passing the timing chip to the team runner, relay cyclists must immediately place their bikes on the designated bike racks inside the Transition Area. All relay bikes must remain in the bike racks until the conclusion of the race when the Transition Area is opened for the removal of bikes. The team of any relay cyclist failing to immediately rack his/her bike or who remounts his/her bike after passing the timing chip off will be disqualified.


11. Relay runners are the only team members allowed in the secured area directly behind the finish line. Relay swimmers and cyclists wishing to greet their team runner must do so outside the secured area.

12. Relay runners must turn in the team timing chip at the finish line immediately after crossing the finish line. Any team failing to turn in its timing chip will not be considered an official finisher.