Charity Projects

Charity Projects

Laguna Phuket CSR Athlete Sponsorship Programme

Details on sponsorship facilities are being confirmed, and will be available on this page once finalized.

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Literacy is key for empowerment, both as children and adults, words provide a window to the world.

In Thailand disparities between educational quality unfairly reduces some children’s potential as 30% of students have extremely poor reading ability (OECD, 2010).

This can be rectified by:

  • Providing books to children – a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to promote language and literacy growth.
  • Reading aloud to children – the single most effective parent practice for enhancing language and literacy development.
  • Giving children books at home – making it eight times more likely children list reading as one of their favourite activities.

Laguna Phuket is creating a Mobile Learning Centre that will travel from school to school. Linking teachers with remote schools to deliver books and lessons to otherwise disadvantaged children.

The Mobile Learning Centre will cost approximately THB 2.5 Million to set up and the running costs will then be supported by Laguna.

Laguna uses our popular sporting events, namely the Laguna Phuket International MarathonLaguna Phuket Triathlon, and Ironman 70.3 Laguna Phuket, as a platform to help raise money to impact thousands of kids’ futures in Phuket and Phang Nga provinces. We strive to create a valuable, worthy and altruistic purpose to participating in these events that compliments the personal goals of the event participants..

Race for the Laguna library!

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Images of Mobile Learning Centre by Laguna Phuket